Brian Wilson Beard

It’s well documented that San Francisco Giant Pitcher Brian Wilson has perhaps the most indomitable beard of our generation. He is a fastball-wielding menace on land while simultaneously portraying a salty sea captain around The Bay. His beard has become so popular, ESPN recently delved into the inner workings of his face fur, discovering lost civilizations and c-list actors within, all too happy to dwell in the coveted real estate.

So since you aren’t Brian Wilson, strap on a huge fake beard, get your self some Giants gear (or some Celtics jerseys. Maybe just a yellow slicks and some fish stink) and become the beard. Fear it.




You can call him Fat Jesus, Alan Warner or Zach Galifianakis.  No matter what you call him, he will always be the best-bearded member of the original Wolfpack.  Don’t be a loner on Halloween.  Buy your Hangover Beard today!

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