The Top Couples Costumes of Halloween 2011? Who will it be?

You tell us! And by the way, every couples costume set can be found at (isn’t that just perfect?)



Princess Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Her Royal Highness and Heiress to Party Pieces….  Say whaaaaat?  That’s right.  Our pretty little princess comes from a long line of costume folk, which is even more reason to be Kate Middleton this Halloween.  She’s hot, she’s royalty and she’s purebred Halloweener.



We all anticipated the Royal Wedding to be the event of the year, but what we didn’t expect was the hat abomination that would accompany it.  From the old ass Queen  to the weird ass Princesses, hats were all the [horrifying] rage.  Luckily, you too can scare the living hell out of the public this Halloween with The Princess Beatrice Hat!  Sold exclusively at Headline Costumes, you’re assured to have one of the most unique and terrifying costumes this Halloween!

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