Beenerkeekee Costume

Beenerkeekee aka Keenan Cahill first made us laugh at his hysterical lip-syncing videos. Then he made us cry with his story of sickness. But then he made us feel courage because he was such a trooper about it all. Then 50 cent and Katy Perry and Brian Wilson were all like, “Yo Keenan, you’re the best, can I be in your video?” and Keenan was all like “Hell yeah, y’all”.

Given this young mans unique character (and let’s face it, unique looks), Beenerkeekee the Youtube superstar kid is an awesome Halloween costume idea. Just get a reddish wig, some glasses, his emblematic headphones t-shirt and maybe some larger-than-life hands and you’re set. If you happen to be friends with a famous musician and are beloved online for your videos, that might help too.

More seriously, if you can, please help Keenan and people like him affected by MPS VI ((Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome). You can learn more about the disease and donate to the MPS Society HERE


Brian Wilson Beard

It’s well documented that San Francisco Giant Pitcher Brian Wilson has perhaps the most indomitable beard of our generation. He is a fastball-wielding menace on land while simultaneously portraying a salty sea captain around The Bay. His beard has become so popular, ESPN recently delved into the inner workings of his face fur, discovering lost civilizations and c-list actors within, all too happy to dwell in the coveted real estate.

So since you aren’t Brian Wilson, strap on a huge fake beard, get your self some Giants gear (or some Celtics jerseys. Maybe just a yellow slicks and some fish stink) and become the beard. Fear it.



I could say you want to be like Russell Brand because he’s funny as hell or because he looks like a rock star, but let’s be honest.  You want to be Russell Brand because his wife has big bouncy booooooobies!!!!!!  Go to to get them hot titties…. I mean costumes.


If you want to dictate the scene this Halloween, we’ve got the costume that will [oppressively] dominate all others: the Kim Jong Il Costume.  This ensemble will give you the magical powers to control your woman, your man and even your entire race.


He never says anything taste like chicken… Not even chicken.

His beard alone has experienced more than a lesser man’s body.

He speeks fluent French, in Russian.

He is…. the most interesting Halloween costume in the world.

That’s right. If you want a pimptastic costume this year, grab a brew, powder your balls… and, oh yeah, buy the Dos Equis Guy Costume.


You can call him Fat Jesus, Alan Warner or Zach Galifianakis.  No matter what you call him, he will always be the best-bearded member of the original Wolfpack.  Don’t be a loner on Halloween.  Buy your Hangover Beard today!


Where my Beliebers at???  Oh, right.  EVERYWHERE!  That’s because the world is still suffering from the pandemic commonly known as BIEBER FEVER!!  Get yourself this top notch Justin Bieber Wig this Halloween if you’re looking to get girls’ panties thrown at you all night.  Even if you’re a closeted Belieber, this wig can be worn while singing “Baby, Baby” in your parents’ shower.

And if you’ve got a special someone in your life, get her a Selena Gomez Wig to complete the couples’ ensemble.


Whether you relate most to the Forever Alone, Troll Face or FFFFUUUUUUU meme, Rage Face Masks are all the “rage” for internet geeks this Halloween.  They are sold exclusively at Headline Costumes, you better hurry up and buy one before they’re all gone!

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